Seeing is Believing

Please click on the image to the right to view the entire case study.

When you see finely crafted bridgework or an amazingly realistic implant, you're only seeing part of the picture. Dickinson Dental Lab's crafting process is careful, precise, and personalized for the best fit possible. This attention to detail enables the dentists we work with to have less chair time with finer results.

Click on the photos at the right to view two of our case studies. Scroll or click through the slideshow to see the various stages of a masterpiece in process.

The first case study is a porcelain full lower mouth reconstruction. Dickinson Dental Lab uses only the finest materials for construction. We guarantee excellent craftsmanship to make a product that will fit comfortably for your patient the first time and last a lifetime.

The second case is a series of Layered E•Max Veneers made not only with the perfect fit, but shades that match the surrounding teeth so closely as to be invisible even to the discerning eye.